District Nurse, Jan Olson, Named Oregon School Nurse of the Year
Oregon School Nurse of the Year!
Posted on 04/19/2019

District Nurse, Jan Olson, Named Oregon School Nurse of the Year

Recognized at the Oregon State Nurse Association annual conference in Seaside on Thursday this week, Jan Olson was named Oregon School Nurse of the Year. A healthcare and education leader at the state and local level, Jan has served as school nurse in Molalla since August of 2016.  In addition to serving the students and schools in the Molalla River School District, she teaches clinical ethics at Concordia University's Accelerated BSN program and is a mother of five children.

Michael Salitore, Director of District Supported Education says, “From acting as staff trainer, consultant, medical expert, and liaison to medical providers in the community treating students, Jan provides direct services to students with precision and care.  Jan is the finest nurse I have ever worked with.”

As a leader, Jan was selected to participate in the Oregon School Nurse Advisory (OSNA) group and Asthma group.  She is also an OSNA legislative committee member.  Currently pursuing her Doctorate in Nursing Leadership, Jan recently developed a comprehensive health services manual for the Molalla River School District which is a model across the state.

Jan follows the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) philosophy that recognizes the physical, mental, emotional, psychological and socioeconomic health as part of their greater well-being.   Brad Berzinski, MHS principal noted, “Jan is compassionate in the care she provides to students and has strong staff support.”

Dr. Josh Hughson, District Psychologist, has unique perspective on Jan's service and skills. “She has and exceptional work ethic, excellent nursing acumen, and exceptional communication skills with staff and families.”

Jan Olson’s letters of recommendation for this recognition called identified her as a gifted communicator, leader, and impressive problem solver. Tony Mann, MRSD Superintendent, said, “Molalla is proud to call Jan Olsen one of our own.  Jan is one of the many people who make Molalla a special place to raise children.”